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June 2015

    A Love Story

    Just want to share this “Love Story” that Yco made for our anniversary. After reading it for nth time, I still find it funny and I admit that he really amaze me by how he could make surprises in a very short time. So this is what happened…

    Last May 18, 2015 at 12:00 AM he greeted me “Happy Anniversary!” but I responded with “No, it’s not yet our anniversary because I said yes at 9:00 PM”. LOL. But of course, I wasn’t really serious about how precise we must be! Yet I didn’t greet him back. 😛

    On our flight back to Manila, my phone suddenly alarmed at 9:00 PM that comes with a note “Happy Anniversary! Open Safari. Check read”. Okay, I was too sleepy to check it but I did it anyway… then boom! Fail! No internet connection so I wasn’t able to read whatever he has sent. Haha.

    This is a story that I actually excluded from my previous post: CEBU: TOP DESTINATIONS AND ACTIVITIES!. But since my man want it to be posted as well (yup, he said my Cebu trip post wouldn’t be complete without this story. LOL), here it goes:

    Team Breezy Love Story 🙂

    Love Story - Pulag

    Dati, mag-isa pa akong na ngangarap.


    Kaya malabo pa =))


    Buti nalang ginabayan tayo ni Lord. Pati si Buenavides na pataas ng kamay! =))


    Ayun, love story natin ay parang cosplay. Tinuruan mo akong maging jejemon.


    Minsan Bruno Mars.


    Minsan Nerds.


    Kadalasan, Maganda at Pogi =))

    Blue Leaf

    Pero kahit mukha tayong Cosplayer, sagot natin likod ng bawat isa :”>

    Love Story - Universal Studio



    Pero mas sweet ako 😛

    Hong Kong

    Nilakbay na natin lahat, Alaska.

    SM Megamall

    Nag cruise sa Pacific Ocean.


    Nag lakad sa Vigan.

    Ilocos, Vigan

    Lagi tayong mag kasama, lalo sa foodtrip!

    “I YABU!”


    Kulitan! Kahit halata na binubully ako =))


    Buti nalang mabait ako O:)

    Auntie Annes

    I love you most! Happy Anniversary Aurika Matias!


    Oh well, I love you too! Yie.