Halloween Preparation

Halloween is approaching, are you ready?

Halloween is definitely a fun excuse for adults to decorate their house and to put costumes on their children to spook their household and/or their neighbors. If you are interested to join the fun you can either go in a haunted-house or a fairy-tale theme for the upcoming holiday. Well, for this year, I would like to do a simple fairy-tale theme for our house.

So as I browse through online for decorations and costumes to use, I stumbled upon I am actually having a hard time to choose because they offer too many cute costumes and decorations for a very cheap price. Most of the items that I am eyeing have LED lights because I want the house decorations to be seen not only during at day but also at night. I also believe that a fairy-tale theme should be colorful, even at darkness. (Check it out: here)

Fairy-Tale Decoration #1Led Candle Light(Direct link: here)

To add a little colorful effect even in the dark, I want to try this led candle instead of plain real candles. LED candles are much safer to use because they have no actual flame. This means they can be used in any room in the house including children’s bedrooms.

Fairy-Tale Decoration #2


(Direct link: here)

Pumpkins symbolizes Halloween, even before. Show your Halloween spirit, indoors and out, with these festive pumpkin lights!

Fairy-Tale Decoration #3


(Direct link: here)

Did I say fairy-tale theme? Yup! This will surely add a fairy-tale feels around the house. Obviously, I will put them over the plants ooor on magnetic things because if you check the product description, it is magnetic. Haha. 😛

Fairy-Tale Decoration #4


(Direct link: here)

A flower-filled room will make you and your visitors feel lost in a beautiful forest where fairies live! Ohh, too much imagination! Haha. I could also partner this with butterflies. 🙂

What do you think? Are these too much or too simple? Nevertheless, I’m excited and I still have a lot to browse!

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