After a long land travel from Manila, we have finally reached the hidden paradise in Cagayan Valley, the Palaui Island. Yes, the island is not one of the easiest place to get to but definitely worth the visit. There’s also a rolling hill, just like in Batanes!

How to get there:

1. Ride a bus that is bound to Tuguegarao City. — 14hrs
2. From Tuguegarao City, ask the tricycle driver to bring you at the van terminal that is bound to Sta. Ana (it would be better if the van driver could drop you off at Vicente Port). — 3hrs
3. If the van drops you off at Sta. Ana, ride a tricycle going to Vicente Port. — 15mins
4. From Vicente Port, there will be a local guides that could assist you going to Palaui Island. — 20mins
5. Another option: Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have flights going to Tuguegarao City. — 1hr

Where to stay:

Note that visitors are only allowed for an overnight stay at Punta Verde, they will also allow you to stay if you have your own tent. For a home stay that costs P250/person only, you may contact Rinaliza Nobela at 09273061553

The Palaui Island was twice used as the location for the Survivor TV show. With its raw beauty, the island is a perfect place for nature lovers. Since the island is preserved, they use Solar Panel and generators as their source of electricity.

Don’t miss out the beauty of sunset or sunrise at Cape Engaño! 15 minutes walk from the Cape Engaño Light House is a mini fall, you will walk in a forest trail that is homed by wild animals. I even saw forest crabs for the first time!

The local guide said that these are wild carabaos, they are even taller than me! It’s obvious that they are healthy and enjoying their stay Cape Engaño.

While getting ready to take a picture of them, the mother and child carabaos looked at me. lol.

Package Tour:

Punta Verde (Trek going to Cape Engaño) — Php 2,500

Overnight: Punta Verde + Cape Engaño — Php 2,800

Special Trip: Punta Verde + Cape Engaño + Crocodile Island + Anguib — Php 3,500

Special Trip Overnight: Punta Verde + Cape Engaño + Crocodile Island + Anguib — Php 3,800

You may contact Kuya Benmar thru 09269064657 to assist you in Palaui Island tours.

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