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    UnARThodox: Art Fair

    A Huge 3-day Art Fair in the North.

    Miriam College launched the possibly first and biggest art fair event in the North with the help of ArtisteSpace, Inc. — an events agency that specializes in Creatives, Institutional Events, MICE, and Set-Up services here in Manila. This event was held from January 31 to February 2, 2019 at Paz Adriano Grounds and Henry Sy Innovation Center, Miriam College, Quezon City.

    The art fair title “UnARThodox” was coined from the term unorthodox, which means the contrary to what is usual or traditional. During the said art fair, over one hundred for sale art pieces from professional and amateur artists were exhibited. Local artists were from Manila and nearby provinces.

    Prestigious artists of different art forms participated as well, such as Philip Badon and his wife Thelma Badon, the doctor-artist Ronnie Lim, Ral Arrogante, Alex De Castro, Paper Cutting Philippines President Badz Magsumbol, Caress Banzon, Norlie Meiban, Boysie Villacencio, and the Association of Foot and Mouth Painters of the Philippines Member Jovy Sasutona, to bring out their distinct work.

    Besides the exhibit, they also conducted seminars and workshops that were facilitated by well-known artists and professionals:

    • Calligraphy
    • Portraiture
    • Paper Cutting
    • Digital Film
    • Digital Art Production
    • Jewelry Making
    • Fashion
    • Design Thinking and Creative Process
    • Latte Art
    • Origami Making
    • Rubber Stamp Making
    • 3D Printing
    Ms. Fozzy Castro

    Ms. Fozzy Castro facilitated the Calligraphy workshop and I swear, she makes the Calligraphy look easy to do! As you can see, I suck at it. But, with the help of provided materials, I’ll definitely practice Calligraphy at home. lol!

    Expectation vs Reality

    Many thanks to Miriam College and ArtisteSpace, Inc. for organizing a huge art fair in order to introduce the Filipino artists to the young aspirants, hopefully to engage their passion for arts.

    As a celebration in honor of the Philippine Arts and our local artists, over 5,000 delegates and participants witnessed this event, making UnARThodox the first and biggest art fair in the North.

    For other information, visit their website:


    Z-Prime Lasik Experience at Shinagawa

    This month, I FINALLY had the courage to undergo Z-Prime LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetic, Ortigas Branch! New year, new eye vision! 🙂 I started to wear reading glasses during my freshman year in high school and I think, it was due to my addiction in console/ online games. LOL.

    I’ve had countless eyeglass and contact lens because my eye prescription keeps on changing. So, for someone with bad eyesight for too long, this is definitely life changing. I will never again have a hard time looking for my eyeglasses every morning, no more headaches due to myopia, no more stressing out that my contact lens might fall out if I swim, and etc.

    The idea of having a LASIK started when I received a promo message from Shinagawa and did a little bit research about it. A close friend of mine also had her LASIK at Shinagawa 2 years ago so she gladly introduced me to her consultant named David. After some questions and clarifications, unexpectedly – my boyfriend, 2 friends and I booked a screening appointment with David.

    The Screening:

    Before the LASIK surgery, they will do a screening first. In my case, I had my screening last December 22, 2018 and decided to schedule my surgery on January 12, 2019 because I had an upcoming beach trip. Yes, they allow you to do the screening and the surgery on different dates, especially if you scheduled your screening in the afternoon.

    During the screening, they will meticulously test your eyes with different kinds of machines, charts and eye drop(s) so it will take around 2-3hrs. The screening is a must because they need to check first if your eyes are qualified for LASIK or not. I’m not sure what are the reasons for being disqualified, but I’m glad that we’re all qualified for Z-Prime Lasik!

    What is Z-Prime LASIK?

    LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis, is an eye laser surgery designed to reshape the cornea to correct the vision for people who are nearsighted, farsighted and have astigmatism.

    Shinagawa’s Z-PRIME LASIK:
    1. Is definitely painless due to anesthetic drops that will be given prior to surgery.
    2. It allows faster creation of corneal flap with precise and predictable outcome compared to older models of femtosecond laser.
    3. It produces the smoothest possible flap profile with even, clean edges regardless of the shape and size of the eye.
    4. It provides a faster healing for a clearer vision in a shorter time frame–approximately 2-4 hours recovery is expected.

    Photo from

    The Surgery:

    This is it! We were scheduled for the surgery at 2 PM and finished at 4 PM, that was quick right? Take note that you MUST bring a guardian or a friend with you to assist you after the surgery because your eyes will become sensitive to lights and when the anesthesia wears off, your eyelids will become heavy making it hard to open the eyes.

    Us, after the surgery. Haha!

    Nothing much to prepare, actually, it’s more of waiting for your turn. All patients that are called will stay in the Operating Room. While in the Operating Room, patients will need to wear an OR slippers, dress and cap. A nurse will give out medical kits and will do a short briefing of do’s – don’ts. After the briefing, anesthetic drops will be given — this is where the waiting game starts!

    Hooray for being second to be called for the surgery! And guess what?! My surgery took only 5 minutes! I love how they made the LASIK surgery nowadays easy and fast! Tip? Just relax and follow what the doctor instructed. 🙂 I know it is inevitable but I assure you that there is no need to be scared because it’s true that LASIK is painless~

    Post surgery, follow your scheduled appointment for eye check-ups and avoid missing it out. So, that’s just it!

    The Medical Kit

    Why Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics?

    For those who don’t know yet, Shinagawa is one of the largest Lasik surgery providers and is also a leading Aesthetic clinic in Japan. They currently have 47 branches in Japan while 2 in the Philippines – Ortigas and Makati branch.

    Honestly, I don’t know any other clinics that provide LASIK service aside from Shinagawa. Most of my friends also had their LASIK in Shinagawa hence, I chose it and did not search for any other clinics anymore. Not even one of my friends gave bad feedback and if you’ll ask me right now, Shinagawa did a very good job! The staffs are definitely friendly and accommodating — they always smile!

    I already had my 1st-day check-up and I was told that my new vision is now 20/12! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Three days already have passed since my surgery and I still can’t believe that everything is now crystal clear! I’m still religiously following the do’s – and don’ts after LASIK though. Haha!

    Do’s and Don’ts after LASIK

    If you want to have your consultation, don’t be shy to message me, I will give David’s number to you. 🙂

    Hope to hear a good LASIK story from you too!

    Shinagawa Facebook Page


    The Girl with Broken Dreams

    Here’s a letter to a girl who has goals and endless dreams, but suddenly got stuck and lost in the middle of chasing them. She has the guts to support other people’s dream but little did she know, the spark of her own dream is slowly fading away.

    The year 2015 and 2016 were indeed good to her, she accomplished many things and was very thankful for it. She was happy, productive and she believed that the path to her goals shine bright like a North Star. Year 2017, the year where she lost her way and got distracted by unnecessary things. She even used to love her online diary blog which was starting to get successful back then, but chose to give it up. (Didn’t even dare to back-up her 2017 blog posts. lol). This girl became bum, unproductive and lazy. She knows what she wants, but what went wrong? Why can’t she find the right way?  Why all of a sudden, she lost her North Star?

    There’s nothing she can do to change whatever may have happened to her in the past months, her dreamless days, but I salute this girl for remaining strong, adventurous and outgoing. She may have stopped chasing her dreams for a while, at least she did not stop praying and believing that she will eventually reach her star again.

    So to this girl with broken dreams, you may have thought that you had lost them, but no, the pieces are just there in the dark, waiting to be picked up. Just keep on dreaming and doing what you love, until your North Star shine again.


    The girl who believes in you



    After a long land travel from Manila, we have finally reached the hidden paradise in Cagayan Valley, the Palaui Island. Yes, the island is not one of the easiest place to get to but definitely worth the visit. There’s also a rolling hill, just like in Batanes!

    How to get there:

    1. Ride a bus that is bound to Tuguegarao City. — 14hrs
    2. From Tuguegarao City, ask the tricycle driver to bring you at the van terminal that is bound to Sta. Ana (it would be better if the van driver could drop you off at Vicente Port). — 3hrs
    3. If the van drops you off at Sta. Ana, ride a tricycle going to Vicente Port. — 15mins
    4. From Vicente Port, there will be a local guides that could assist you going to Palaui Island. — 20mins
    5. Another option: Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have flights going to Tuguegarao City. — 1hr

    Where to stay:

    Note that visitors are only allowed for an overnight stay at Punta Verde, they will also allow you to stay if you have your own tent. For a home stay that costs P250/person only, you may contact Rinaliza Nobela at 09273061553

    The Palaui Island was twice used as the location for the Survivor TV show. With its raw beauty, the island is a perfect place for nature lovers. Since the island is preserved, they use Solar Panel and generators as their source of electricity.

    Don’t miss out the beauty of sunset or sunrise at Cape Engaño! 15 minutes walk from the Cape Engaño Light House is a mini fall, you will walk in a forest trail that is homed by wild animals. I even saw forest crabs for the first time!

    The local guide said that these are wild carabaos, they are even taller than me! It’s obvious that they are healthy and enjoying their stay Cape Engaño.

    While getting ready to take a picture of them, the mother and child carabaos looked at me. lol.

    Package Tour:

    Punta Verde (Trek going to Cape Engaño) — Php 2,500

    Overnight: Punta Verde + Cape Engaño — Php 2,800

    Special Trip: Punta Verde + Cape Engaño + Crocodile Island + Anguib — Php 3,500

    Special Trip Overnight: Punta Verde + Cape Engaño + Crocodile Island + Anguib — Php 3,800

    You may contact Kuya Benmar thru 09269064657 to assist you in Palaui Island tours.



    Arriving in the U.S.A. was an achievement of mine for the year 2016 while exploring around in different states for three weeks was another big thing! Thank you Philippine Airlines for being on time!

    From L.A.X., we had another flight going to San Antontio, Texas – where we spent most of our days during the trip. Tip: Staying in a relative or friend’s house could save you a lot of money that you may use for your food or tours. 😛

    PAL Flight 112

    In this post, I will share the places that I have explored and toured around the state of Texas thru visual and short descriptions. Texas is too big to be explored for a week! But I’m glad that I am able to be around in some of its cities. Outlets where we shopped are not included in this post. Here we go!

    Gruene, New Braunfels

    Since it was a holiday season, the streets around the Gruene Historic District were filled with Christmas lights that made it more beautiful at night and best to visit during Christmas. Though even without the Christmas lights, it’s really fun to just walk around the town, listen to the great music and wander around the old properties. So, there’s this one antique shop that we took advantage the Christmas design! Hoho!

    Festival of Lights, San Antonio

    Another to visit at night because obviously, it’s Festival of Light! 🙂 A multi-cultural holiday celebration that happens every December to January. What to expect? Breathtaking giant illuminated displays, street food, performances and carnival!

    Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Fredericksburg

    I must say, this is one of the best parts in touring around Texas. There are several trails that you could go to and in each trail, you’ll see something new! At the top, you’ll have a 360 view of Texas. It was a big park, but they are limiting the visitors to avoid being too crowded. So if you’re staying around the Fredericksburg and looking for some get-away from the city, this park is a to go to!

    Fredericksburg Town

    Also known as the “Little German Town” because of its history. This small town will make you feel like in German because of its interesting shops in the Main Street, historical museum, open parks and restaurants that also serve German cuisine. It was 24th of December when we visited the town so there were only few open shops and restaurants, most of them probably took a day off to get ready for the Christmas Eve.

    The State Capitol of Texas, Austin

    The architecture is something to be admired! Even the interior of bathrooms. Haha! A great place to visit with your family and friends. They also offer a group tour if you want to know more about the history of the State Capitol. If you prefer to roam around without a guide, make sure to read the history. Oh, there’s also a library inside of the Capitol! 🙂

    The Oasis, Austin

    A restaurant that sits on top of a hill that gives an overlooking to Lake Travis, a breathtaking view that must be seen! There are also souvenir shops around and the whole place was beautifully decorated. The romantic atmosphere explains the love locks outside. 🙂 I don’t know about their foods because we just went there to see the view. Worth the drive though.

    Space Center (NASA), Houston

    One word: AWESOME! My first time to see a REAL spaceship and different kinds of astronaut suits! *cries* Kids and adults will learn so much about space thru different kinds of activities, documentary shows, artifacts and exhibits. Will definitely get you thinking more about the earth and what’s outside of it. Two thumbs up for me!

    Riverwalk, San Antonio

    Mall, restaurants, park, you name it! So many things to see in here! The Riverwalk is a walking trail in San Antonio downtown that is surrounded by colorful umbrellas. We also went on the river boat and we’re glad that the guide was very knowledgeable with the place, nice and funny. The place gives you a different kind of atmosphere, depending on where you are. It gave me a romantic feeling by just looking at the bridge and imagine that there’s an ongoing marriage proposal, WHAT A ROMANTIC SCENE! Sweet! Definitely a gem in the city! Haha. 😛

    Disclaimer: Since I’m with my boyfriend’s family, my first visit was more of being a tourist — visiting a place for pleasure, sight-seeing, planned trip, and etc. — than a traveler, IYKWIM. So I wasn’t able to document everything, though I tried! 😉

    If you have any suggestion on where else to go around Texas, please comment below! TIA!

    Hope you enjoyed!