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    UnARThodox: Art Fair

    A Huge 3-day Art Fair in the North.

    Miriam College launched the possibly first and biggest art fair event in the North with the help of ArtisteSpace, Inc. — an events agency that specializes in Creatives, Institutional Events, MICE, and Set-Up services here in Manila. This event was held from January 31 to February 2, 2019 at Paz Adriano Grounds and Henry Sy Innovation Center, Miriam College, Quezon City.

    The art fair title “UnARThodox” was coined from the term unorthodox, which means the contrary to what is usual or traditional. During the said art fair, over one hundred for sale art pieces from professional and amateur artists were exhibited. Local artists were from Manila and nearby provinces.

    Prestigious artists of different art forms participated as well, such as Philip Badon and his wife Thelma Badon, the doctor-artist Ronnie Lim, Ral Arrogante, Alex De Castro, Paper Cutting Philippines President Badz Magsumbol, Caress Banzon, Norlie Meiban, Boysie Villacencio, and the Association of Foot and Mouth Painters of the Philippines Member Jovy Sasutona, to bring out their distinct work.

    Besides the exhibit, they also conducted seminars and workshops that were facilitated by well-known artists and professionals:

    • Calligraphy
    • Portraiture
    • Paper Cutting
    • Digital Film
    • Digital Art Production
    • Jewelry Making
    • Fashion
    • Design Thinking and Creative Process
    • Latte Art
    • Origami Making
    • Rubber Stamp Making
    • 3D Printing
    Ms. Fozzy Castro

    Ms. Fozzy Castro facilitated the Calligraphy workshop and I swear, she makes the Calligraphy look easy to do! As you can see, I suck at it. But, with the help of provided materials, I’ll definitely practice Calligraphy at home. lol!

    Expectation vs Reality

    Many thanks to Miriam College and ArtisteSpace, Inc. for organizing a huge art fair in order to introduce the Filipino artists to the young aspirants, hopefully to engage their passion for arts.

    As a celebration in honor of the Philippine Arts and our local artists, over 5,000 delegates and participants witnessed this event, making UnARThodox the first and biggest art fair in the North.

    For other information, visit their website:


    Make Your Dream Travel Come True with DLC Backpackers: Your Travel Expert

    Travel PR photos 1

    Backpacking is definitely in! Not just as a popular mode of traveling, but also as a way of life.

    Backpacking was often considered for hiking and camping but in many ways, it is now slowly transforming into an independent and low-cost international travel options for individuals or a group of people.

    This trend started as an economical solution for the aspiring travelers who have major budget constraints and now became the most preferred option by many. No matter how well their budget is, the experience of backpacking is truly different.

    Travel PR photos 2

    Since backpacking is now considered as one of the trendiest travel options by many people from different countries, DLC Backpackers: Your Travel Expert brings the trend in the Philippines! Your travel expert will help you get the best travel packages that will give the worth of your money and an adventure like never before.

    DLC Backpackers: Your Travel Expert will make you experience a life changing travel – an adventure that will touch people’s lives. Our travel packages are way more different than the other agencies could offer as we are focused on having a travel adventure with an impact: connecting people, learning other country’s culture and letting you appreciate life in a deeper manner. We are DLC Backpackers: Your Travel Expert.” Says the CEO, Trishie dela Cruz

    DLC Backpackers is under the Dream Lead Create or simply DLC Enterprise a company that DREAM about a better society, LEAD a team of highly-motivated young individuals and CREATE innovative and sustainable products and services. DLC promises to deliver state-of-the-art merchandise while restoring humanity through #WeTouchPeople Charity that will receive 5% of the total income to feed hundreds of kids. Know more about their company at


    Why choose this newest and trendiest travel option, DLC Backpackers?
    Because not only that you can help the society by contributing on the “We Touch People Charity”, you will also be able to save as much as Php10,000 compared with regular travel options!

    No minimum travel persons required. Solo Backpackers are very much welcome!

    Travel Asia for as low as Php6,300/person and experience the adventure of backpacking! Save money while traveling, explore and learn more instead of having a travel agency that will double your travel expenses.

    Countries/Cities Available:
    Batam Indonesia, Hongkong, Macau China, Shenzen China, Kota Kinabalu Malaysia, Genting Highlands Malaysia, Johor Bahru Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Siem Reap Cambodia, Vietnam.

    Here are some of the sample packages that they offer:
    They offer FLEXIBLE INSTALLMENT PAYMENT OPTIONS starting for as low as Php2500/month is also available just to help you make your dream travel come true!

    You will also get a chance to make new friends from all over the world because DLC Backpackers offers hostel accommodations where you could meet like-minded people – The “Travelers at Heart” kind of people.

    Traveling alone? No need to be afraid!
    Because you will be able to sleep safely on an 8 to 12-bed dorm-type of room together with other solo travelers!

    Hotels are so last year! Hostel is the new in!

    Want your privacy?
    Private Rooms are also available upon request!

    And wait! There’s more! DLC Backpackers also offers LOCAL DESTINATIONS!


    DLC Backpackers offers UNIQUE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE and so they want you to reach places that are a lot of people haven’t been yet! Indeed Secret Places and Hidden Paradises!

    The destinations on the photos below are just some of their offers starting for as low as Php2,500 per head!

    Check out one of their local packages below:


    Still confused about the difference of their offer than a regular tour?
    Check out this article here: Are you a Tourist or a Traveler?
    Take note that what they offer you is to become a TRAVELER.

    So, what more could you ask for?
    DLC Backpackers even include freebies from their product brands such as the Terrestrimin First Aid Travel Essential and the Terrestrimin ALL-IN-ONE organic spray to protect you during your travel adventure! A perfect travel companion!


    What are you waiting for? BOOK NOW!
    DLC Backpackers will make traveling easier! And will also help you make your dream travel come true!

    Use the discount code AURIKAMATIAS that is specially made for my readers to get 10% OFF when you book a travel deal with them!

    No budget yet? Don’t worry!



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    4.) Tag 7 of your friends on the comments section of your post.

    Giveaway Banner 1

    We will closely monitor your participation so best of luck!
    Winners will be drawn randomly on April 24, 2016.



    Pantene: Stronger and Shinier Hair Inside Out

    Last week, I received a surprise Christmas gift from Belle De Jour Community – Olay products. But the surprise doesn’t end there, I woke up with another gift from BDJ! And this time, the parcel contains my favorite Pantene products! Yehey for more surprises!


    Hair Fall Control Shampoo

    Contains Keratin Damage Blockers technology that helps prevent hair breakage caused by damage, resulting in up to 98% less hair fall when used daily.

    • Strengthens hair from root to tip
    • Prevents damage that results in hair breakage
    • Up to 98% less hair fall with daily use

    Hair Fall Control Conditioner

    Nourishes and fortifies hair from root to tip to prevent breakage caused by hair dehydration. Use every day to reinforce and strengthen hair.

    • Nourishes and moisturises hair
    • Prevents breakage caused by hair dehydration
    • Reduces hair fall with daily use

    Pantene 3MM

    Hair Fall Control 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner


    Strengthen hair against breakage for 98% less hair fall

    • Smoothens 3 months of damage in 3 minutes
    • Lasting strength for reduced hair fall due to breakage
    • Pro-V formula fortifies hair at the structural level
    • Nourishes hair for added strength and shine

    When it comes to hair – ironing, curling, coloring and blow-drying – experimentation is endless and sucks the life out of women’s hair that leads to dull, damaged locks.

    I’ve been using Pantene Hair-Fall Control shampoo and conditioner since high school. It was recommended by my sister and cousin when I told them that I’m experiencing hair fall. Even though hair fall is normal, I think it’s better to control the as soon as possible to prevent your hair from thinning, right? 🙂

    I have also alternate my Pantene Hair-Fall Control conditioner with Pantene 3 Minute Miracle conditioner. It transforms brittle, rigid and damaged hair into hair so healthy, soft and shinier from inside out in just 3 minutes. You’ll also love the new fragrance which is based on fresh wild straberry and raspberry. With this, your hair is always on the go! 😉



    Olay: Moisture That Lasts


    I unexpectedly received a parcel coming from one of my favorite community, Belle de Jour! I’ve been a member of them since 2013 and would still join for the next years. 🙂

    Inside the parcel is a bag of Olay products: Olay Deep Moisture with Honey Body Wash and Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream Normal SPF 15. Been an Olay user even before so I’m excited to try out these new products!

    Olay Deep Moisture with Honey Body Wash


    Olay’s Deep Moisture body wash gives your body skin deep moisture that outlasts your day. Our breakthrough formula penetrates the skin’s surface layer by layer to infuse your skin with long-lasting moisture. You can get bouncy, smooth, tender and beautiful skin even in dry climates. Your skin’s condition improves after just one use . Use regularly for beautiful, healthy-looking skin that lasts.


    Squeeze a small amount onto a wet puff/loofah, lather, and rinse. For all skin types.

    Though it doesn’t lather much, the body wash smells good and after washing, my skin instantly became smoother, moisturized and it lasts until night time. No joke. 🙂

    Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream Normal SPF 15


    A daily facial cream that provides 7 anti-ageing benefits in 1, plus SPF 15 to help protect against sun exposure, the #1 cause of premature visible ageing.

    Includes vitamins, antioxidants plus Broad Spectrum SPF 15 UVA/UVB sunscreen”
    Avoid contact with eyes. Do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a sunscreen product. Not to be used for children under three years of age.

    Total Effects fights 7 signs of aging by:
    • Minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Moisturising to soothe and nourish dry skin
    • Balancing color and tone while reducing the appearance of age spots
    • Smoothing skin’s texture with gentle exfoliation
    • Refining to minimise pore appearance
    • Protecting skin’s surface from free radical damage with antioxidants
    • Firming skin’s appearance with hydration
    •Oil-Free. Fast-Absorbing. Dermatologically tested. Non-Comedogenic (Won’t Clog Pores).


    Apply liberally to cleansed face and neck twice a day

    I also love this one! Oh, can’t go out without its protection on my face; unlike the other products, it’s not sticky and oily at all! Hope to see and to feel the other results real soon. Protect your face from the sun with this 7-in-1 day cream. 😉

    Want more information and exciting rewards? Sign-up on!

    Getting ready for year 2016? Don’t forget to get one of Belle de Jour’s planner!




    Breakout Logo

    My friends and I get to try The Zombie Room, Breakout at TriNoma last February 28, 2015. We were divided into two groups – Girls vs Boys! The girls’ team almost made it out but upon reaching the last door, we were not able to enter the correct passcode until we ran out of time. So close! 🙁

    About the boys… well, the girls don’t know what REALLY happened to them while inside the Zombie room. Haha!


    I have found out today that Breakout Philippines will have 2 intense Halloween events this coming November. They partner-up with FOX International Channels and Victoria Court to bring us an immersive horror like no other!

    #VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries

    Midnight Mysteries is an Interactive Horror Experience. This time, breaking out of the room is not enough… Check-in, be trapped, and try to survive!

    Immerse yourselves in an experience that takes you out of your comfort zone! Join with friends but prepare to be separated and be left alone in the dark.

    Click here to read more about this special event. 

    The Walking Dead

    Can you BREAKOUT from a room with a lurking walker? FOX’s The Walking Dead is once again teaming up with the country’s premier escape room game to bring you an experience like no other!

    You and your friends have 45 minutes to escape while trying to keep your wits together as a flesh eating walker breathes down your necks. Can you Breakout? Or will you be walker bait?

    Click here to check out this room game.

    Reading the details excites me already! I want to try both rooms with my friends. 🙂 Are you brave enough to take the challenge? Book now before you miss all the fun!