Cebu: Top destinations and activities!

Last March 14, 2015 – We booked a flight 2 months prior to our 4 days trip to Cebu. I went there with my boyfriend along with another pair of lovebirds–our close friends (Alixel Cheng and Laurie Ivan Bonete). I think we all forgot about the 2 p.m. hotel check-in time because we booked a 4:30 a.m. flight! Haha! We were able to get a cheaper hotel  rates thru Agoda.

Fast-forward to May 15, 2015 – I’m gonna skip the other details except for the part where we ran at the departure area because the attendants were already paging our names. Too early for exercise! Whew!

Below was our suggested 4 days do-it-yourself  itinerary when in Cebu:

Day 1: Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island

Arrived in Cebu at 5:30 a.m. – thanks to Kuya Guard for helping us find a private car that can be rented. We checked-in our baggage in the hotel first before our long trip to Maya port.

No traffic around that time yet but from Cebu City to Maya port it took us about 3-4 hours. Upon arriving Maya, a local approached us immediately explaining how we can go to and from Malapascua Island via public or private boats and how much the rate is. Another local from Malapascua Island offered us two packages:

1st: Kalanggaman Island

2nd: Island hopping

We would have loved to see the sandbars of Kalanggaman Island but it will take us another 2 hours of boat ride going there so we chose the Island Hopping in order for us to get back to Cebu City before dinner time – this didn’t happen though due to heavy traffic in the city.

Cebu Japanese Shipwreck

Japanese Shipwreck

I was very fascinated by the beauty of the underwater world! It was also my first time to see a Japanese shipwreck! Amaziiiing~ if only I have a pro diver’s license, I would have explored it. I’m definitely adding that to my bucket list!

Alixel <3

Day 2: Kawasan Falls and Canyoneering

We woke up at 3 a.m. to catch the 4:30 a.m. bus at South Bus Terminal and also not get stuck in heavy traffic (I really hate the traffic situation in Cebu). We boarded the bus with a sign of Bato “via Barili” and based on the information we got from the internet, we should hop off at Barangay Matutinao with a landmark of a church along the hi-way. Kawasan Falls is just kilometers away from the church.

We met with our tour guide Kuya Albert who was recommended to us by a friend. I also highly recommend him! He is very humorous and reliable. For his contact number, it can be found at the end of this blog.

The head gear, life vest and even rubber shoes (because we did not bring any) was provided by our guide. Price is P1,200/person. So far, Canyoneering is the most awesome yet scariest outdoor activity that I have ever done! It involves trekking, swimming, climbing and jumping off from a high place. Hooray to us for having the guts to jump from the highest point which is approximately 30 feet! Woohoo! I almost backed out! LOL.

Cebu Canyoneering

The couples 🙂

Cebu Canyoneering

30ft high cliff in side view. Doesn’t look that high but it is actually VERY high!

Cebu Canyoneering

Kuya Albert in the right side 😛

Post jump photo. Lovin’ the clear and bluish water of Kawasan Falls.

Enjoying the mini falls. Haha.

Day 3: Oslob Whale Shark, Sumilon Island and Sky Experience Adventure

While waiting for the Butanding (Whale Shark)

Just like the previous day, we woke up at 3 a.m. We rode a bus from South Bus Terminal with a sign of Bato “via Oslob” then hopped-off at Brgy. Tan-awan. The rate for snorkeling with a Whale Shark is P600. From 6 a.m.-12 p.m. they only allow the watching of whale sharks. I suggest that you come as early as 6 a.m. because that is the time when the whale sharks are fed and after that, they will go back into the deep.


Oh, hello there!


Done with our 30mins snorkeling


Solo shot?


Next destination, Sumilon Island! We were a bit disappointed because we were expecting to see the famous sandbar of Sumilon Island but we came at the wrong time, as it was high tide! No sandbar for us. *sad* While waiting for low tide, we enjoyed ourselves by doing underwater shots (which made our skin darker) LOL.


*patiently waiting*




Me (my favorite shot)


Laurie *peace*





No luck with the sandbar. For our final stop, onto Tumalog Falls! There’s nothing much to see but it is beautiful and I love the mist in the waterfalls area. I just took a photo of it and watched people swim then we headed back to the resort where we left our bags.

Tumalog Falls

Lover's on habal-habal!

Lover’s on habal-habal!

We had dinner buffet at Sparkz Restobar, Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. They have this promo; dinner buffet in Sparkz Restobar and 2 tickets of any rides in Sky Experience Adventure; we chose Edge Coaster and Sky Walk.

Edge Coaster

Sky Walk

Day 4: Yellow Submarine and Pasalubong

This is the only day that we did not plan any extreme activities and had at least 8 hours of sleep!

Due to heavy traffic we were 30 minutes late but thanks to the very patient boss and staff of Yellow Submarine, they waited for us! Huhu. We watched underwater creatures for an hour but aside from corals and fishes, there were also divers that performed a bubble show. So cute of them! :3


Isn’t it cute?!


Bubbles! 🙂


Ya, why so serious?

After Yellow Submarine, we visited my relatives then bought pasalubong in Shamrock. We had our dinner at Mactan airport while waiting for our flight back to Manila.

I actually did not expect that there are a lot of extreme activities that we could do in Cebu. Four days is not enough so we will just go back for the beaches and activities that we have missed. 🙂

Bye for now, Cebu. We had so much fun!


Photo Credits: Alixel Cheng and Laurie Ivan Bonete.

Click here for the video summary of our trip to Cebu 2015!

Kuya Albert Aspacio’s contact number: 09359254769

*Don’t forget to mention that we recommended him, you might get a discount. Haha! 😛

**Updated 1/08/16**

Good news! Due to popular demand, you can now download my Cebu Final Draft for FREE!

Click here to download it.


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  • Megan Ramarama

    Hi, Aurika! Thanks for the very helpful blog. We’re visiting Cebu this month and wonder if you and your group traveled back to and from Cebu city every destination (Malapascua, Kawasan, and Oslob)?

    • Hi @MogenR:disqus, thank you for dropping by. 🙂

      Yes, we traveled back to and from Cebu City every destination because we have booked a hotel in the City.

      As for my experience, due to heavy traffic in Cebu every afternoon to night, I would suggest that to look for a hotel/hostel/inn near every destination. You would not want tot waste your time in a traffic going back to city. 🙁

      • Megan Ramarama

        Oh, I see. Noted! Also, DIY lang din ba yung sa canyoneering niyo? How much did it cost you?

        • I’m not quite sure if they allow Canyoneering without a guide since it’s a dangerous activity.

          Canyoneering package P1,200/person
          You may contact our guide Kuya Albert Aspacio: 09359254769 🙂

          You might also want to watch our Cebu video (to excite you more! haha). Enjoy!

          • Megan Ramarama

            Thank you very much, Aurika! Sige, I’ll check the video. 🙂 Btw, I stumbled upon your blog through my friend Chie Mercado. Thanks again!

          • I see. Thanks din 🙂 Nice meeting you!

          • Megan Ramarama

            Hi again! May I ask what’s included in the 1,200PHP package?

          • Helmet
            Life vest
            Tour Guides
            They also lend rubber shoes in case you forget to bring one. 🙂

  • Jai D

    Hello! I love your pictures! 🙂 Are you using Go Pro?

    By the way, my friends and I will go to Cebu in Feb. It’s from Feb 15-18, but we’re leaving at 2AM on the 18th so techinically, parang 3 days 3 nights lang siya. I want to experience canyoneering and whaleshark swimming. The rest I don’t know where else to go. What do you suggest??? 🙂 We’ll arrive in Cebu at 2PM on 02/15. I need you help!! Thank you!

    • Thank you! Most of the photos were taken with GoPro 🙂

      Since Oslob (Whale Shark Watching) and Kawasan
      (Canyoneering) are both from South area, it would be better not to stay in City
      because traveling back and forth will consume most of your time, just like what
      happened to us. 🙂 You could perhaps stay in one of the resorts in Moalboal.

      Here’s my suggested itinerary:

      Day 1:
      Since you will arrive late, this will be your free night. If you will stay in Moalboal, take your pick between these two relaxing beaches: Panagsama Beach or White Beach.

      Day 2:
      If you start as early as 9AM, you’ll be most likely be done by 2PM.

      Day 3:
      Have to wake up very early because recommended time for Whale Shark watching is 6AM-9AM.

      Tumalog Falls
      Sumilon Island

      If you have any questions, feel free to message me. 🙂

      • Jai

        Nice! Thanks for the quick response! 🙂

        Do you think we can squeeze in some time to do Skywalk? Possibly on the first day? Then just leave early for Canyoneering?? And just like what you said we should leave around 3AM?

        What time do you suggest us to leave Oslob on the third day since our flight is at around 1AM on the 4th day?

        Are the pasalubongs just located in the city?

        Im so sorry if I have too many questions!! I just really have to set our IT for this trip. You’re the only one who responded among all the blogs I’ve commented on. Again, thank you! 🙂

        • I think to maximize your trip, you should buy pasalubong on the first day if it’s not a hassle for everyone (but for me, it’s less hassle compared on a last minute shopping on your last day) . Then after Oslob, you could still do skywalk at night before your flight. 🙂

          Most of pasalubongs are located in the City. You could also buy in airport but the price is higher.

      • Jai

        By the way how much did you spend for Skywalk? We’re also 4 people travelling together =)

        • We have spent P900. I tbink they still have that promo, dinner buffet at Sparkz + 2 rides 🙂

  • Cebu is one of my favorite cities in the Philippines. I wanna visit Malapascua island someday!

  • OMG! Japanese shipwreck, fishies, clear water, cliffs and caves, waterfalls…ang daya! i want to go! Will save this post <3 L O V E

    • Never thought that we could do a loooot in Cebu 😀 My favorite part is yung Canyoneering hihi

  • I can count the number of times I’ve been to Cebu in one hand, the first time was to meet my mom’s friend, the owner of Islander shoes. The other times were to visit my in laws relatives and go check out the beaches. Been wanting to comeback since my husband misses his hometown. Will keep your list in mind when we do finally decide to make the trip!

  • Wow! You’re a wanderlust! Who researches and prepares the itinerary? I’ve been to Cebu but we went to Camotes Island. It’s a great place to explore too for its mysterious caves.

    • Me and my friends 🙂 we made sure that we could maximize our stay! I also want to visit Camotes and Kalanggaman islands 🙂

  • I visit Cebu every year though i have never been to oslob and malaspacua. Last year, we visited Moalboal and Kawasan Falls. Will definitely try to visit Tumalog Falls next time. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have been to Cebu a lot of times but it seems like there is still more places I would like to pay a visit. I love the natural beauty of the place and the beaches there are just wonderful.

  • I’d love to visit Cebu too! SOON! I need to graduate and earn first. Haha.

  • carissa inez

    seems like you have enjoyed! wishing to visit cebu soon

  • Kath

    Wow! This is really informative. We’re planning to do the Malapascua-Canyoneering-City tour but thought it would be very time consuming and so tiring. But looking at your itinerary, I guess we could do it. We’re off to Cebu the first week of October. By the way, where is the Yellow Submarine located? Thanks

    • Kath

      by the way, how much was your budget for the trip?

    • Hi! Yellow Submarine is located at Lapu-Lapu 🙂 You might also wan to check their FB page for other info. We spent almost 10k each though it could be lesser if we’re in a big group or if we chose to eat in cheaper price. Canyoneering is the best, you can do it!

  • Jam

    Hi! Thank you for this blog. I got a perfect itinerary for my birthday travel in Cebu this November. I have booked my trip with a friend four months ago pero up until now, wala pa rin kameng itinerary. Luckily, I bumped into your website. 🙂 Sobrang gusto ko talaga yung Whale Watching and Sky Adventure, akala ko hindi kaya i-squeeze in a day yung dalawa, possible pala. 🙂

    Will think of doing the canyoneering. Haha Baka hindi kayanin ng powers ko ang mga cliffs and all. Hahaha!

    Again, thanks! 🙂

    • I’m also a November baby! Haha. I’m glad to hear that 🙂 the first and the last jump points in Canyoneering are the highest, I believe you could do that too! 🙂

      • Jam

        Yay! Happy Advance Birthday to us. 🙂

        Dalawa lang kame ng bestfriend ko na magttravel, pwede ba sa canyoneering na dalawa lang?

        • Advance happy birthday! 🙂 yup pwede. I think either kayo lang or isasabay naman kayo sa ibang group 🙂

  • kristine mae soriano

    Thanks aurika for this blog, very informative! 🙂 We can do the same itinerary for our Cebu trip on Dec 10. Were you able to track your expenses for the whole CEBU trip? Maybe you can share it? Thanks 🙂

    • Hello dear! I still have the draft of our expenses, I can send it to your email 🙂

      • kristine mae soriano

        Wow! Here’s my email
        Thank you!!! 🙂

        • Email sent! 🙂

          • kristine mae soriano

            Many thanks @aurikamatias:disqus! 🙂
            We also enjoyed our Cebu Trip! We went to Malapascua, Olsob and Canyoneering at Badian (my favorite) just like you did 🙂

          • Glad you had fun! Cheers to more adventure 🙂

          • Trinee

            Hello Aurika! Hope you could send me your draft as well, thank you so much! My email is Your blog’s really helpful btw!

          • Thanks! 🙂 Email sent

  • Stephen

    HiI I’ve been reviewing your great post since we have a trip this Dec 16-19, 2015 to Cebu. May I ask a few questions? Where in Tan-awan did you go for the Whalesahrk watching? Was the fee for the whale shark snorkling and sumilon island separate? how much? Where did you buy the tickets for the crown regency package?How much was it? Hoping you can help as our trip is all diy and I really want my son and wife to enjoy. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi! If you hop off to Tan-awan, Oslob most of the resorts offer a Whaleshark watching. 🙂

      Yes, the fee for Whaleshark watching and Sumilon Island are separate but I think some resorts offer a package for that. If you are a local, the cheapest price for swimming with Whaleshark would be P500 and P1,000 for foreigners, both inclusive of boat ride and snorkeling gear. The boat ride going to and from Sumilon Island is P1,500.

      You could buy the tickets of Crown Regency package through online and walk-in. I’m pretty sure that you and your family will enjoy the trip to Cebu! 🙂

      • Stephen

        Hi! May I ask what resort you went to?Is the P1500 boat trip to Sumilon island really worth it and how long were you allowed to do snorkling in sumilon?We’ll be going back to Cebu in the afternoon that same day and will go to Bantayan the next day.Do they offer good meals in oslob and sumilon and for how much?i can’t find the promo of crown regency on line which is a combo of 2 rides and buffet dinner, do you think walking in is risky? Sorry for the interrogation =) as I’m the one who made the itinerary and want to make sure it’s spot on. and yeah, I’m a local hehehe.

        • It was Aaron Beach Resort 🙂 Aside from staying in the Sumilon Island’s sand bar and snorkeling around, there’s nothing much to do unless you stay in Blue Water Sumilon Resort which I think is quiet expensive.. 🙂 I would suggest that after whaleshark watching, visit Tumalog falls which is just 10mins away from Aaron (you have to rent habal-habal) you could also swim there. Then after that, go back to Cebu City and visit Crown Regency; walk in is not risky at all. They have different promos and activities to offer. 🙂

          You could also have lunch in Aaron or in the resort beside it… I forgot the name though. Hehe.

  • Rose Ann Santos

    Nice blog! Can you share me the draft of your
    expenses/itinerary, pretty please? J
    I want to copy so that we could have same great experience if we go there this
    February J

    • Hi, thanks! Please send me your email address. 🙂

      • Rose Ann Santos 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂

        • Email sent 🙂

          • Mary Flores

            Hi! Could you also please share with me the draft of your itinerary with expenses? The link you have provided seems to be broken.

            Thanks a lot!

          • I have fixed the link now. Hope that it will work well with the others too. 🙂 Anyway, I have sent the file to your email.

          • Donna Perez

            hello … ! 🙂 thank you for that very helpful information,:) could you also please share me the draft of your itinerary & the expenses as well. I find ur itinerary very helpful… thank you..

          • Hello, you may get it here: 😉

          • Donna Perez

            THANKS A LOT! 🙂

  • Melissa Dela Cruz

    Hi Ms. Aurika! My friend and I are planning to go to Cebu on August this year, and I find your blog very helpful for people like us. Can I also have a copy of your Cebu Final draft? Here’s my email add:

    Many thanks! 🙂

  • Margie

    Hello Aurika. Can I also have a copy of your Cebu Final draft? Here’s my email add: Thanks 🙂

  • Rosa Grace

    Hi! Do you contact when ur in malapascua? Thanks :*

    • Rosa Grace


    • None. There are a lot of local guides waiting there though. 🙂

  • Rosa Grace

    Hi. Do you have contact when your in Malapascua? Thanks! 🙂

  • Krishna

    Hi! Thanks for the very informative blog. I, and one friend, are also planning to visit Cebu this November 2016. I’m planning to make this our itinerary since I can’t find a complete tour package at affordable rates. I read that you were able to track your expenses for this trip, hopefully you could share it to me as well via email

    I will definitely appreciate your help. Thank you!! 🙂

    • Hello! Thank you. 🙂
      You may get the draft from here:

    • Christine Joyce Rosales

      Hi Krishna! My husband and I will visit Cebu on November 14-16, 2016, maybe you can share your activities/itinerary with us.

  • Paula Santiago Cariaga

    Hi thanks for this blog. Me and my husband will be going to cebu on july kaya lang we only have 2 full days. Ask ko lang kung saang hotel kaya nagcheckin? Kasi naghahanap ako ng hotel na malapit sa lahat. Hehehe thank you!

    • Hello. We have stayed in Crowne Regency sa Cebu City 🙂

  • Rashidah Lim

    Hi! Beautiful write up! I will be going cebu this coming May. Do you mind sharing with me on your accomodation details for the trip. Thanks

    • Thank you and enjoy! 🙂 You may check my itinerary draft here:

      • Rashidah Lim

        Thank you for sharing!! Wish me luck on this solo trip to Cebu! Hahaha

        • Wow for solo trip! I’m pretty sure that you’ll get to enjoy everything about in Cebu! 🙂

          • Rashidah Lim

            Yes! I hope so! Hahahah….. Happy travelling✌?️

  • Cris Yang

    Hi! This is really informative, thanks! Did you guys have to check-in at a resort while you guys were at Sumilon Island or can we just hang around the beach for free? And how much would the boat rides cost? ?

    • Hi Cris, we did not check-in at the resort because it is free to hang around the sand bar. 🙂 The cost of the boat rides is around P1,500.

      • Cris Yang

        Is the P1,500 for the boat ride one-way or round-trip na? 🙂

  • Katey


  • Katey

    Hi just wanted to ask what hotel did you stay in? And for how many days? And just wondering if the maximum person allowed per room is really implemented??? Usually the rooms found in agoda are for 2pax only and we are 7. Is there any way we could stay in one room only?

    • Hi, we have stayed in Crown Regency and Towers. Yes, the 2pax only is implemented so if you’re 7pax, I think it would be easier if you’re going to stay in a hostel because they could accommodate a large number of people in a room. 🙂

      • Katey

        Do you know any hostels near Mactan Airport???? 🙂

        Did you do both snorkeling on Malapascua and Sumilon Island? And is there anyway we can go to Bohol the next day if we’re staying overnight in Sumilon Island

        Thank you so much Ms. Aurika! We’re outlining our plans based on your itinerary. It’s very helpful for first timers like us. More powers! 🙂

        • You may check-out the Kawayan Marine Hostel, but I haven’t personally stayed there yet.

          Yes, we did snorkeling on both islands and yes, you may go to Bohol the next day as long as you’ll be at the port early. 🙂 They have ferry schedules here:

  • Donna Perez

    hello … ! 🙂 thank you for that very helpful information,:) could you also please share me the draft of your itinerary & the expenses as well. I find ur itinerary very helpful… thank you.. 🙂

  • Maanne

    Hi Aurika. I came across your blog and I’m planning to do the same trip as yours. We are also a group of 4 (also couples lol) but we will be staying for 5 days. For the activities, did you plan them in advance or did you just avail them when you got there?

    • Hi, we have planned them in advance but availed the following activities during the trip. 🙂

  • Kaye Servigon

    Hi ate! If you don’t mind, can you share your itinerary and expenses for the tour including your accommodation 🙂 Will travel next year. Thanks much! 🙂

  • anne0822

    Thank you for this!!!! I was doing our itinerary for our Cebu trip in October and was getting frustrated kasi di ko alam san ko ilalagay yung SkyWalk. Good thing I stumbled upon your blog, kaya naman pala ng one day ang Oslob and Sky Walk. We’re staying in Crown Regency too, I think we got the same package. hehe.. How was your stay with the hotel?

    • You’re welcome! 🙂 No bad experience with the hotel… Or maybe because we’re always asleep! haha.

  • Kath Samson

    Good day! I txted kuya albert buti nalang he replied! Haha Thank you for this blog! Super detailed and i will really follow this for our tour this coming November 29 – Dec 2! :-)))