My Life Lately: December

Life Lately

December just started out but a lot already happened… or not, really. Looking back on what happened for the past few days, here’s the list of my life lately: Attended at the very early office Christmas Party (seriously? Christmas Party on first week of December?! Haha) and I was unexpectedly awarded as the best “Goth” costume since our theme was First Day High. Hooray for P1,000 that I got. Meh. Been meeting a lot of close friends lately to celebrate their[Read more]

What was the turning point of your life?

Turning Point

We all have those turning points in our lives. A moment that magically makes you know what is right then suddenly you dare yourself in either staying in your old trail (comfort zone) or forget the old one and re-define your future by writing a new script for your life. Should I stay or walk away? Yes or No? Listen to your heart or to fear? Do you want to be in the same spot or are you going to[Read more]